African businesses have invested heavily in Information Technology (IT) in the past 10 years while trying to maintain competitive advantage and enable growth. Like businesses in the west, African businesses are struggling to understand the value from IT investments. We help our clients in assessing their IT spends and realizing value from what they are investing in.
With the lack of implementing the right IT strategy, organizations are building complex IT infrastructures with huge maintenance and upgrade cost. It should come as no surprise that executives remain unsure about what exactly they are getting from the IT function and why their IT costs keep rising.
To ensure our clients don't fall into these traps we help them with:

IT Strategy:

Creating a robust IT strategy enables organizations to get the best out of their IT assets. This includes aligning the IT vision, mission and goals with that of the overall business. We help clients develop IT vision, mission and goals that will enable the IT organization to deliver business imperatives.

BI & Information Strategy:

Creating a view of what the critical business information need is to a business, is a key driver to being first to market and ensuring information is used as a value enabler. We have experience in building information strategy for large organization and we can help your organization in information architecture and delivering.

Operating Model & IT Organizational Design:

Having a business model is core to the success of the business, so also is having a robust IT operating model. We have helped clients redesign their IT organization, build IT processes and get the right IT headcount. We have vast experience in building operating model across various industries.

Change & Project Management:

Managing transformation programmes can be a daunting task. Our partners have either been part of or managed large scale transformation programmes for fortune 100 companies, bring their experience to the table, we are able guide and/or manage your transformation journey.

Designing Service Management Framework:

Performance tracking enables organizations to understand if they are meeting targets, it also enables the management to build improvement processes and plans. Having developed dashboards for CEO's and CIO's of large multinational organizations, we can help you implement a performance management regime that ensures progress is tracked across the business and unit managers are compensated based on performance.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation:

Due to complex nature of businesses with operations in multiple locations, businesses are now stream lining their processes and implementing Enterprise application to help them gain operational excellence. We are helping our clients select and implement the best ERP solutions at an affordable cost.

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